Watch Straps UK TW Steel Logo

TW Steel is a Dutch watch brand founded in 2005 by father and son team Ton and Jordy Cobelens. The name "TW Steel" stands for "The Watch in Steel." The brand is known for its oversized watches with a contemporary design and bold style. The company's philosophy is to create watches that are "Big in Oversized Watches."

The watches feature Swiss-made movements, sapphire crystal glass, and a range of materials including stainless steel, leather, rubber, and carbon fiber. The brand's collection includes men's and women's watches, including automatic and quartz models. Some of their most popular collections include the Canteen, CEO, and Maverick.

TW Steel has also collaborated with various celebrities and athletes to create limited edition watches, including the David Coulthard and Kelly Rowland collections. The brand is popular among motorsport enthusiasts and has sponsored various racing events, including the Dakar Rally and Formula 1.