Shark Watch Straps UK

Shark watch straps are made from shark leather. The leather is obtained from the skin of various shark species, such as the sand shark, blacktip shark, and tiger shark. Shark leather is known for its durability and unique texture, making it a popular choice for watch straps among those who are looking for something distinctive and exotic.

Shark leather is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and highly durable, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities and sports. Shark straps are available in a range of colors, from natural shades of gray and brown to dyed colors such as black, blue, and green.

However, the use of shark leather has raised concerns about animal welfare and sustainability. Sharks are often caught solely for their skin, which can contribute to overfishing and the decline of shark populations. Some manufacturers of shark straps have sought to address these concerns by using leather from sustainably sourced sharks or by offering alternative materials that mimic the look and texture of shark leather.