Watch Straps UK IWC Watches

IWC (International Watch Company) is a Swiss luxury watch company that was founded in 1868 by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones. The brand is known for producing high-quality mechanical watches, and has a rich history of innovation in the industry.

IWC offers a wide range of watches, including pilot watches, diving watches, dress watches, and sports watches. The brand is particularly renowned for its pilot watches, which have been a staple of its collection since the 1930s. These watches were originally designed for aviators, and feature large, easy-to-read dials and other aviation-specific features.

In addition to its pilot watches, IWC also offers a range of diving watches, which are designed for underwater use. These watches feature water-resistant cases and other diving-specific features, such as rotating bezels and luminous dials.

IWC watches are also known for their high level of craftsmanship, with many of the brand's watches featuring complex mechanical movements and intricate detailing. The brand is also committed to sustainability, and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.

Overall, IWC is a respected and well-established luxury watch brand with a reputation for quality, innovation, and craftsmanship.