Watch Straps UK Flik Flak Watches

Flik Flak watches are a line of Swiss-made children's watches created by the Swatch Group. They were first introduced in 1987 and have since become a popular choice for parents looking for a durable and fun watch for their children.

Flik Flak watches are designed with children in mind and are made to be tough and resilient. They are water-resistant and feature a shock-resistant case to protect against accidental bumps and knocks. The watches are also designed with bright and colorful dials, making them easy to read and attractive to children.

One of the unique features of Flik Flak watches is their "learn to tell time" concept. The watches feature a rotating bezel that helps children learn how to read the time, with different colored segments representing different parts of the day. The watches also come with an illustrated storybook that helps children learn the basics of telling time.

Flik Flak watches are available in a wide range of designs, including themes such as animals, sports, and superheroes, making them a popular choice for children of all ages. The watches are also designed with interchangeable straps, allowing children to personalize their watches and change the look of their watch as they grow and their tastes change.