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Corum is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that was founded in 1955 by René Bannwart. The company is known for producing high-end watches with unique designs and complications, such as the Admiral's Cup, the Golden Bridge, and the Bubble.

One of Corum's most iconic watches is the Admiral's Cup, which was first introduced in 1960. The watch is named after the Admiral's Cup yacht race and features a distinctive twelve-sided case with nautical pennants on the dial. Over the years, the Admiral's Cup has been produced in a variety of materials, including steel, gold, and titanium, and has been fitted with a range of complications, such as chronographs and tourbillons.

Another notable Corum watch is the Golden Bridge, which was first introduced in 1980. The Golden Bridge is a unique watch that features a transparent case and a movement that is mounted vertically, with the gears and wheels arranged in a straight line. The movement is also fitted with a miniature winding mechanism that is visible from the side of the watch.

The Bubble is another popular Corum watch that was first introduced in 2000. The watch features a large, spherical crystal that magnifies the dial and gives the watch a distinctive look. The Bubble has been produced in a variety of styles and designs, including limited editions featuring artwork from famous artists.

Corum continues to produce innovative and unique watches to this day, with a focus on creative designs and high-end complications.